Carolyn's Works

Piano hands
Piano hands Playing blues with the Alley Sneakers.
Winter is Near
Winter is Near A drawing inspired by the camelia bush and hummingbird outside my window on a late autumn day.
Leaface Drawn and written for my mother in the last days of her life. I left a drawing for her every morning before I left for work. Some day, I'll scan them all. At first they were encouraging, funny, but eventually let her know I was almost ready to let her go. She was certainly ready. I miss you, Mom
Serious Treble
Serious Treble One of my best bands. Dave Wright, Rick Taylor, Brian Sweet, me, Ronnie Hull. God bless them all. Rick, Dave, and Ron are playing with the big band in heaven. Miss them deeply. Miss the music we made. Somewhere, there’s a most excellent CD. When I find it, I’ll make a link.
Sun Moon
Sun Moon Art with poetry. Some of my earlier attempts with colored pencils. A project to explore – Art Cards with Poetry…. Someday.
Frances & Charlie
Frances & Charlie My older daughter, Frances, with her son Charlie. My Alaskan children. They love the snow and cold, and I love it because of them.
Alaskan Thanksgiving 2018
Alaskan Thanksgiving 2018 Eklutna Lake on a freezng Thanksgiving day. with Frances, Brooke and friends. Backpacked to a forestry cabin and had the best time ever
Chloe and Duck
Chloe and Duck An illustration from an unpublished children’s story, "The Adventures of Chloe and Duck." The story is written, most of the illustrations are done or planned. Here is something that needs some luck and lots of grit! Maybe someday it will see reality.
Laura & Anthony
Laura & Anthony My younger daughter, Laura with her son Anthony. Many years ago when we still spoke. Life happened, I guess. I still have Anthony. Laura, I love you and wish you well.
Anakin Anakin was a wonderful dog. Knew his own mind. Brooke raised him from a pup. Mr. Handsome Pants. I met him when he was a crotchety old man. Rest in peace, old guy. You are missed.
Wrangell 2019
Wrangell 2019 Even an old gray bear can learn new things about herself. And I learned that maybe an 800 ft change in elevation over three miles while carrying a 40+ pound pack on a rough trail (hey, they’re all paved here in Rocklin) and with not great hiking shoes is more than I should be trying. It was a challenge. Hah. Understatement of the decade. Almost made it to the forestry cabin. But noooooooot quite. At least I didn’t have to be airlifted out. Thanks to Frances for hauling my pack out, to Brooke for helping me along the trail, and to the forestry guys for seeing me down the mountain.
Lucy and Xyla 2018
Lucy and Xyla 2018 Lucy and Xyla on the Thanksgiving backpack trip. Icy and very cold, yes, but with ice cleats and a flat trail, hiking a mile was definitely within my skill set.

And not always in that order... This page is currently a catch-all. It is a sample of past dreams realized and present dreams that are hoping to be realized in the future. It's a snapshot of a life full of good intentions and sometimes enough luck and grit to manifest them. It may morph into more pages someday with links to recordings, videos, and writing. More to come.

Photographs from travels near and far.

Music, Poetry, Life


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