Carolyn's Works


Cow and Moon

I love depicting moons, stars, and suns. The cow was very surprised to be leaping over the moon. Done in colored pencil and ink.

Cat Dreams

I love cats. What would they dream about? That was the question I considered as I drew the sleeping cat. I decided on mice raining down everywhere. The inside of the greeting card continues the theme with more mice and the message, "May your fondest dreams come true."

Cat and Sun

Rowboat on Morro Bay

Who Laid That Egg?

O, P, C

Colored pencil, watercolor pencil, and ink. 


O, P, C

P, C

Photograph with textures in photoshop.

Colored ink and colored pencil.


Cypress & Pigs

Colored pencil and ink. I love drawing clouds and cattails.


Colored pencil and ink. I experimented with colored patterns in the background and different shades of green for the stems.


Blue Flowers

Colored pencil and ink. An early experiment with shading using color.



Riding Hood

Tree Spirit

Colored pencil, watercolor pencil, and ink. 


Done in colored pencil and ink. I went through a period of illustrating children's stories.


Colored pencil, watercolor pencil, and ink. More exploration of borders and how the pencil and watercolor pencil work together.


S = Original Sold. O = Original available. P = Prints available. C = Art cards available. 

S, P, C

O, P, C

O, P, C

O, P, C

O, P, C

O, P, C

Contact me for more information.

If you see a piece you like, contact me for pricing, print sizes, or if the original is available.

O, P, C

O, P, C

O, P, C

O, P, C

O, P, C

O, P, C

More art to come. Check back!


I grew up in a family with an aunt who was a commercial artist and a mother who studied art until my dad swept her off her feet and married her, My sisters and I spent hours drawing pictures. Some of my best drawings were of my sister, Cindy, illustrating how many double chins she had and her horrible facial disfigurements. Cindy gave as good as she got. We all survived childhood.

My favorite medium is watercolor, colored pencil, and ink. I love combining the three, and sometimes add chalk pastels and watercolor pencils.  I try to draw things that look real and serious, but the drawings have a mind of their own. That hasn't stopped my from trying and I hope you will enjoy my pictures as much as I enjoy making them.

Tree Elephant

This began as curves that were going to be a tree. Well, that didn't work out at all, and I soon saw the beginnings of an elephant's trunk. The rest, with the brightly colored fabric, is what wanted to be drawn. Done in colored pencil, ink, and chalk pastels.

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Carrie's Art Works

This was one of my attempts to draw from a photograph. It was a challenge to capture the tree reflections on the water surface and to get enough contrast of light and dark. Done in colored pencil and ink on stipple paper.




My grandsons love drawing castles with dragons flying in the distance. They use a straight-on view with no perspective. I love that look and gave it a try. No dragons, though. Done in water color pencils, colored pencil, and ink on stipple paper.


I love the colors of peacock feathers, and I like making borders to frame a scene. Done in colored pencil, water color pencils, and ink on stipple paper.



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